Knitting Instructions

Yarn -- Blue and Pink

Each Section has 2 blue and 2 pink squares.  I found a 7 oz skein usually does 2 squares.  PLEASE STAY WITH THESE GUIDES.

Acrylic yarn will stand up best to how the blanket will be used and can  be found at Joanne, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Walmart or Online

Red Heart (my preferred and can be found at all stores listed above)
Super Saver Acrylic
364 Yards 7 oz (larger sizes if available.)
Baby Pink
Light Blue
One skein of the Red Heart does two squares generally.

Yarnspirations Acrylic
812 yards
One Pound
Sky Blue
Soft Pink

Hobby Lobby brand
I Love This Yarn Acrylic
355 Yard 7 oz
Soft Blue
Soft Pink


This blanket is meant to make a visual impact. It can do so if the squares are consistent. As tempting as it is to want to be more creative, save those for personal gifts. Also, those plain stitches and  solid colors make us focus on the Stitches and the purpose of honoring the NeverBorn and not creating a needlework  masterpiece.  

Please use the exact number of stitches and rows that are below:

US #8 knitting needles

  • (Long tail cast on. Leave a short 5" tail)
    Cast on a total of 62. This will count as first row.
    Knit 118 rows. (Garter stitch)
    Bind off on on final row. Should be 120 rows.
    Leave 5” tails on cast on and bind off.

When you finish a square it should measure about 15” x 15” maybe a bit more.

If you will be able to do more, let me know how many you can do. I’m  trying to keep track of the pledges to complete a certain number of  squares.

Please contact me when the first one is done, but wait to mail multiples together.  

When you are finished with all the  squares, mail them to:  Memorial Blanket, 3589 N Shiloh Dr, Suite 3 #186, Fayetteville, AR 72703