Crochet Instructions



Acrylic yarn will be best for this purpose. Any yarn similar to Red Yarn Super  Saver, Caron Yarnspirations and Hobby Lobby’s “I Love  This Yarn  —Acrylic”. 


White only, medium weight worsted (please use the WHITEST yarn, not cream or off-white)

This  blanket is meant to make a visual impact. It can do so if the  squares  are consistent. As tempting as it is to want to be more creative, save  those for personal gifts. Also, those plain stitches and  solid colors  make us focus on the Stitches and the  purpose of honoring the NeverBorn  and not creating a needlework  masterpiece.  

When  you finish a square it should measure about 15” x 15” maybe a 1/2”  more.   ( It is more important to make the size close as crochet tends  to vary more than knitting when following the stitch and row  recommendations.)

My "Star" crocheter, whose squares are very easy to work with gave me the following directions:

Use size K hook (or H based on how loosely you crochet.)

Chain base 48-50 stitches (based on your personal style of knitting looser or tighter)

  •  Single  crochet for 50 rows (one way).  At end of row make a chain stitch and  turn. [Note: the back and forth equals 2 rows] THEN MEASURE!  You may  need to add more row to reach 15"
  •  slip stitch and tie off, leaving 5” tail in corner.

 If you  will be able to do more, let me know how many you can do. I’m trying to  keep track of the pledges to complete a certain number of squares.

Please contact me when the first one is done. 

When  you are finished with all the squares, mail them to:  

Memorial Blanket,  3589 N Shiloh Dr, Suite 3 #186, Fayetteville, AR 72703

***  IF YOU CAN PLEDGE TO DO AN ENTIRE SECTION (9 SQUARES) AND YOU ONLY  CROCHET, YOU MAY ALSO USE THE COLORS FOUND UNDER THE KNIT INSTRUCTIONS.   That would be 5 white, 2 blue, 2 pink.  However, please note that the  white squares are used as the main portion of the blanket and keep the  knitted squares I receive from being too that's why this  special consideration is tucked away at the bottom of the page.