About Us

A Giant Blanket

While knitting an Afghan for my grandson to use in his college dorm,  I thought about a blanket that could have a knitted stitch for every baby that was not wanted and would never be born--the NeverBorn.  Statistics for estimated abortions performed in the U.S. since 1973 is rapidly approaching 61,000,000.  Yes, that’s SIXTY-ONE MILLION.

A number that takes up an inch on a single line of text.  My grandson's blanket was 90,000 stitches, so I thought it might be manageable as my personal  cause.  

Then I started crunching the numbers. Suddenly the task seemed immense.  There was no way!  It  would take me 9 years – working 24/7– to knit that many stitches.  

But the idea kept tugging at me.  WHAT IF I HAD HELP?  What if I could get thousands of people to knit or crochet only ONE square. (Approximately 15” x  15”, an average 6,350 - 7,300 stitches representing the NeverBorn.)  Those squares would be joined together.  That means I need almost 10,000 squares.  But hopefully some people could  knit 2, or 3 – or maybe even 9 squares (a complete Section.)

A Community Effort

So I began a Facebook Page to make an appeal across the Nation.  Please, help knit or crochet a square for the babies that will never be wrapped in the love and warmth of a blanket.   For more information visit our FAQ page and Knit and Crochet Instructions.