About Us

A Giant Blanket

A year ago I began this website and an effort to get volunteers to help me make a Memorial Blanket that contained a knitted stitch for every baby that was not wanted and would never be born – the NeverBorn. Statistics for estimated abortions performed in the U.S. since 1973 is rapidly approaching 62,000,000. (When I started last year, it was closer to 61,000,000.)

It's just number that takes up an inch on a single line of text, but I wanted something that could be a visual representation of this immense number.

That means I need almost 10,000 squares, 15” x 15”. Hopefully some people could knit/crochet 2, or 3 – or maybe even 9 squares (a complete Section.)

A year later, here is how far I have come with the help of over 1,190 Volunteers.


· 80% of the Squares have been pledged. That’s over 48 million NeverBorns represented

· 30% of those Squares have been received, matched with other Squares and are in the process of being assembled.

But I still need more volunteers. First step, I need the additional 20% pledged. I hope to receive ALL PLEDGES by September 2020 so I can continue to assemble. 

A Community Effort

This has been a Nationwide effort, and even a couple of volunteers from other countries have made Squares.  Please, help knit or crochet a square for the babies that will never be wrapped in the love and warmth of a blanket.   For more information visit our FAQ page and Knit and Crochet Instructions.