How can I participate if I don't knit or crochet?

You can SHARE this website or the Facebook Page with your friends.  Mention the project to people at work, church, Synagogue, Bible Study groups, women's or men's organizations or needlework/knitting clubs. 


You are welcome to provide pink, white or blue ribbons that honor wanted babies that you or a family member has lost due to miscarriage or stillbirth, or early death.  It will be pinned to a square of the blanket.  Use 1 small ribbon, 1/4" - 1/2" wide.

If you belong to a pro-Life group, bring this to their attention.  If you are with the media or have a media contact give them the email address: memorialblanket@gmail.com

How Will the Blanket be Used?

This question is asked a lot, and although I have some ideas and answers, it may not be exactly what I plan.  I'm not The One in charge.  I'd like to see it used in Pro-Life Marches or as an instructional aid at churches and schools. I was able to wear one at a State "Right to Life" March in January.   The 9 Squares are sewn into a Section and 2 Sections can become a Poncho to be used for the marches. (There's a video on the Facebook Page that shows this, as well of a picture of me "wearing" one.)  

If the Blanket does not find a permanent home after fulfilling its first purposes, it can be dismantled into the Sections and distributed to charity organizations that focus on children.  I had several people at the "Right to Life" March ask me where they could buy one!  I suppose they could be sold and the proceeds going to various Pro-Life groups or to Charitable Childrens' Causes.  Rest assured that it will be used and displayed at as many places and venues that can be arranged and will not just disappear.

Can I Personalize My Square? Can I use a Knitting Machine?

There needs to be consistency for the most visual impact, so follow the instructions for KNIT or CROCHET.  If you wish to honor a living child or a much wanted NeverBorn that was lost, attach a small ribbon with a safety pin when you mail your squares. 

Please do NOT use a knitting machine.  It makes a real statement knowing every stitch was done by someone who truly cares for these NeverBorn.

Do You Accept Donations?

No.  This is a group of people who believe in a cause.  Everyone is contributing their personal time, money and energy.  

Can I Make More than One?

Please do!  This is very much a grass roots effort and it will take a lot of Squares!

Why Don't You Knit for Other Causes -- this one doesn't appeal to me!

I'm glad you have your own personal cause.  Unfortunately in today's world there's plenty to go around.  Actually, many of the people participating ARE "Charity Knitters" and do other items for hospitals, the homeless and other needful groups.

This has been MY cause.  It truly saddens me that abortion is used so casually as a means of birth control.  We are the only species that deliberately chooses to kill its young in the womb.  That horrifies me and offends me beyond words.  From the comments and participation I receive, 99.9% are folks who feel much the way I do.  I just want to honor those precious lives in some way.